Radio Interview

During my phone interview with the blog talk radio show, we spoke about my offer to Patrick McEnroe about the junior development program. One thing i forgot to mention was that i would involve the coaches who got the kid to a great level, i would discuss with him or her what changes could be made. I would over see the program but also be part of a support team. I would involve the parents, hardly any kid has made it without the help of parents. If the parent would be too obnoxious i would ask them to leave. I found that 99% of parents are great. I had one Russian guy NOT ( Yuri Sharapov ) who was a jerk, and was asked to leave but the majority are very helpful. The USTA is very good in getting rid of anybody involved with the juniors, so they can take full credit of their success/failure. It is also a joke is that when a junior makes it big on the tour without the help of the USTA Mr. McEnroe will offer these pro’s deals ( money ) and “free” coaching so they can mention they’re USTA products, and the media is forced to go along with it. These pro’s now make millions and don’t need the help of the USTA’s money. Use the money for the juniors. – Robert


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