Why does the USTA Junior Development not understand that they will never develop a champion and that THAT is really not their job. The USTA should be a SUPPORTING organization, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.The most difficult, and most important years of developing is between the ages of 6 or 7 till about 15 for girls and 16 for boys. It is a very taxing time of developing youngsters. Their DISCIPLINE, their FOCUS, their CONSISTENCY in their behavior and their tennis, their DESIRE TO WIN, loving to COMPETE, their LOVE to WORK HARD, NOT playing to lose, but the desire to WIN, CONDITIONING themselves, becoming INDEPENDENT THINKERS, and working on the RIGHT TECHNIQUE. The beginning years are hugely important in the development of the child when it comes to the TECHNIQUE it is crucial. You can ruin a kid in the first couple of years. I have only touched a small part, BUT you can see that the USTA is not interested in doing that. First of all they don’t know WHAT to do, but they don’t have the time and the desire to do that. That is why they have other coaches and parents do that and then after coaches have worked their buts off, the USTA will come around and basically steels the student, instead of involving the coach or parent in the further development of the junior. Instead of asking the coach who has worked with the kid how they can help. Give the people who developed them your opinion USTA but don’t take the kid away. A lot of coaches give extra time and sometimes financial help to develop their student and they are proud of what they have done, only to have the USTA “take” the kid, hoping to fool people that they, the USTA did the job. Get rid of this group headed by Patrick Mc Enroe and Higueras, at least in the capacity they have now. Another thing. When somebody makes it on the tour and makes great money, WHY does the USTA pay for their coaching, travel and coaches expenses. Why, so they can say that they are with the USTA and being coached by the USTA. Have them pay their own expenses, like everybody else. After all if the USTA is that great they will be willing to pay top dollar for your coaching, and use that money to help needy juniors. – Robert


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