This has nothing to do with tennis or the U.S.T.A. I went to San Diego October 20th to visit my mom who lives with my sister. My mom turned 100 years old. I bought her 100 different colored roses. I was trying to make her feel good and started talking about the good times we had in Indonesia. She is getting old and her hearing is not so good, nor her eye site, but her mind is i think better than mine. So I am just bringing up good things, when she says “remember Rob, I told you one time that we ate human meat.” I replied “NO WAY, how is that possible?” “Well.. in Indonesia you had maids for everything. Cleaning, cooking and going to the markets to buy food. They were all the open markets, no stores, and of course no government control. It was also a very dangerous time for us Dutch. Because the Indonesian’s wanted to get rid of us. In any way they could. They were kidnapping and killing a lot of young dutch kids. So the maid did all the buying of the food, and cooking all the food.” “My mum hardly did anything in the kitchen one day the maid was sick and my mum decided to go to the market and buy the food and meat. A Indonesian man told her that he would have the special meat the next day, the meat the maid always bought. When my mom went back the next day to get the meat, she told the guy that she did not like the color of the meat. She said it didn’t look right, so the Indonesian man told her the maid always got it, and that it was human meat. My mum almost croaked right there. She might have told my sister.” Anyway.. never knew I was a cannibal. My mum told me, “you cook it well, and put soy sauce on it, who knows Rob.” Maybe that’s whys she got to be 100 years old. – Robert


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