Patrick Mc Enroe

Dear Patrick,

Haven’t talked to you in a long time. We don’t see eye to eye when it comes to developing Champions. Developing good players, maybe we do, but Champions not even close. But that will never change. I have been doing this a lot longer than you have and I never see any results. What bothers me, is that I get a lot of complaints about the fact that the USTA coaches, coach the USTA kids, sometimes even illegally against other AMERICAN kids. I am pretty sure that you don’t promote that, you have too much class, but it is going on. I suggest that you look into this horrible behavior and correct it ASAP. See Patrick I always believed that AMERICAN kids are AMERICAN kids and the USTA should support all AMERICAN kids. The sooner the USTA understands this, the better. You are getting too many people disliking the USTA and you are part of that. Please be a supporting organization and not one that creates Champions, leave that up to us. Hope you will have great holidays with your family and that you have a great 2013.

The best,

Robert Lansdorp.


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