One of the reasons the USTA, Patrick McEnroe and Jose Higueras will never develop a Champion is because they don’t understand HOW. Higueras and Patrick have never developed a Champion from the age of 8, 9, or 10. NEVER, and will never be able to do that. Higueras would have developed at least one by now. He was a coach for many, many years and never developed a Champion from the age of 7 or 8. I have developed FOUR # 1 Champions and about another 15 in the top 20 players in the WORLD and another 15 in the top 50 in the WORLD. So where is their track record?? They don’t have one. They are just good B.S ers. Now it is getting worse.. they are forming Academies. Please people understand this; academies DO NOT create Champions. Every Champion coming out of a Academy was there with a support system. Monica Selles had her brother and father there, and they ran the show. They were at Nick’s Academy. Kournikova had her mother there and believe me she ran the show all the way. Serena and Venus were at Maccis but Richard Williams ran the show all the way. Maria Sharapova was at Nick’s for a very short time before her father decided to take her to me to follow in Davenports footsteps, but her father ran the show. He stayed out of my job developing Maria but did everything else. Maria Shishkina was at Nicks and I thought she was a great prospect when I worked with her years ago. Her mother is great in running the show and boy is she tough. Have lot of respect for her. One of the worst things to do is to send your young child off to an academy, unless you are with them and you are very strong and are able to stand up for your kids. Most coaches at these academies are from, God knows where and don’t know enough about developing kids. They really don’t. They are cheap labor. So why send your kids there by themselves, unless you want to get rid of them or your kid wants to play more tennis. But playing more tennis at an academy by themselves is probably more hurtful than good, unless they are very independent 17 or 18 year old’s. I would never send a 12, 13 or 14 year old kid, especially a girl to an academy by themselves. You have to be NUTS. So now we come to the USTA. They have an academy in Florida I guess. The USTA however will eliminate any support system. No parents, who want to run the show, and NO coaches, other than USTA coaches. Parents or coaches who brought these juniors along since they were 7 are NOT welcome. The USTA, Patrick, Jose Higueras and let’s not forget Jay Berger want to take all the credit themselves. HOW STUPID are they. Why not have the people that got the kids that far, help the USTA to develop them more. OH NO these guys think they know it all and can do it all. In TENNIS kids are not developed into GREAT Champions in group situations. Don’t believe anybody who tells you this. That is one of the reasons we have no Champions because every Tom, Dick, and Harry has what they call “academies” they make more money with groups, but kids don’t get developed into CHAMPIONS may be as a very small addition to their development. Champions are developed on a ONE ON ONE situation and that is it. I know what I am talking about. I will at another time talk about Jay Berger, who took lessons from me. I would love to hear from kids who went to these major academies at a young age by themselves or with some body who was not strong enough to stand up for their kid. Love to hear from you!! None of the people I developed went to an academy. That should tell you something. And the USTA “academy” is the worst, because they eliminate anybody close to the kid. – Robert


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