The Carpenter

This is a story, true story I want parents to read, especially tennis parents. We will not always look at the good of our children, but more what they are doing wrong and focus on that too much. The negative. It could drive a wedge between parent and child, especially when the child gets older and now feels more comfortable with talking back. There was this carpenter, no not Jesus, who made these beautiful wooden cabinets. They were all specially made for people in the city. He worked very very hard in making the most beautiful cabinets. He always took his little boy to work with him, the boy was about 4 years old. The little boy was always watching his dad work, one day the father was almost finished with this beautiful cabinet that he had worked weeks and weeks on. He was ready to deliver it. He had to leave his work place for a short moment, and when he came back his little boy had taken a hammer and some nails and hammered the nails in the beautiful cabinet. The father looked at it and said.”That is a beautiful job my son, thank you so much for helping daddy out.” The father took the nails out and fixed the cabinet. It did take him a while, but it all worked out great. What a great story, and I find myself thinking about it and how I could have handled some situations that way. Love between parent and child is one of the most beautiful things. – Robert.


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