No arms, no problem!

I want your kids to go on the internet and look up “man without arms
playing table tennis” I want you to look at this fella, and then think
about yourself. You will realize real fast how unbelievable SPOILED
you are and how you are not determined at all to succeed. All you kids
do is complain about everything when things become just a little
harder. You don’t want to run down balls, oh, that is too much work.
My Lord I might sweat, I could get a little winded. And I have to keep
the ball in the court and not make errors, please, don’t ask for that
much. Goodness this kid is moon balling me and I just can’t handle all
this, it’s too taxing on my brain. Now you have this guy, without
arms, WITHOUT ARMS, and he goes; I want to play table tennis!!! People
probably go “Is this guy crazy?” Table tennis without arms? My kid has
two good arms, two great legs, and a fine body and takes after my wife
who has brains, and my kid can’t keep more than 3 balls in this huge
court. This man without arms is doing it on a table, a table mind you.
I wonder how this man started playing table tennis. He said you know I
am going to put this paddle in my mouth and I am going to play table
tennis. But how in the world am I going to serve? Simple I am going
to learn to kick the ping pong ball up in the air with my bare foot,
and serve. THIS MAN IS PLAYING TOURNAMENTS. The biggest difference
between your kids and this man, is that he is determined to make it
happen. The majority of your kids are too damn lazy and don’t want to
work for anything. Your parents are probably carrying your tennis bags
and pampering you before a match. Oh, of course they don’t want to
upset you. What a crock. This man has discipline and most of you
don’t. Why don’t you kids have some of this man’s determination and
start working and discipline yourself. Stop complaining all the time.
90% of kids that play tennis have nothing and I mean NOTHING to wine
about. You just get away with complaining and feeling sorry for
yourself. And if the parents think they have a talented kid, the
parents will start pampering the kid and now it really is over. Tracy
Austin had a broken leg at the age of ten. She broke it when I
accidentally fell on her leg ice skating. Tracy would sit on a chair
and hit balls every day and hit volleys, she won the US Open at 16.
This man, whatever his name is my hero. – Robert


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