I am so tired of listening to Chris Evert, Pam Shriver, and Mary Jo Fernandez. They were just hoping that Azarenka was injured, so that Sloane Stevens would win. You are too obvious. They are just dying to have a great American player. Lets face it Sloan Stevens had a great Australian Open and was a little lucky that Serena was not 100%. But she is going to be very good. Really like her game. And the fact that Azarenka took an injury break ?? What is the difference between a cramp in your leg and a cramp in your chest. Or a cramp in your bladder and taking a bathroom break. Lots of females do it. It is epidemic with junior tennis. So Chris, Pam and Mary Jo change the rules, and stop the bitching. Why don’t you go for no injury time out at all.. You can’t play anymore, get off the court and that is it. Let the fittest survive, that’s the way it should be anyway. Since you girls don’t have the authority to change the rules, live with them and stop bitching at the people that use the ALLOWED rules. You cannot even change the rule that you should only be allowed to take a break before your own serve. Something Gibert also believe’s in. By the way you girls talk too much during play and you act like we are all stupid. People who watch tennis understand tennis, some better than you do.  – Robert


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