Sharapova’s Coach Choices

WHAT DO I THINK OF MARIA HIRING CONNORS AS HER COACH? Maybe Maria had a brain freeze or became desperate. Maria is already the toughest player on the tour. Connors is not going to help her there. He does not know how to improve her ground game and there is where her problem is, besides her serve. He is going to  have her charge the net more? That’s like asking a bull to give milk. You can wait forever, ain’t going to happen. I know exactly what has happened to her game in the last couple of years, even with Hoghstedt. But I will wait with my advice. Let’s just see what Jimbo is going to come up with. We won’t have to wait that long..

Knowing Maria so well she is going to run the show. In my opinion Maria would have been better off getting Lindsay Davenport to help her. They had the same game & Lindsay could help Maria with her serve.

I said had the same game, because Maria is not hitting the ball the same when she was with me. She was hitting the ball harder than anybody then. “They” probably told her to be more consistent & hit with more top spin. So wrong! That’s not Maria’s game, neither was it Davenport’s. As soon as Lindsay would drop her pace she would lose. She was able to put more power in her game. Seles was the same, but a better athlete than Maria – just a little!

Maria’s game is simple. More power & control the opponent. Now a lot of people are hitting the ball harder than Maria even on the backhand. That is a joke!

Maria would never miss backhands. Maria is 6’4″ is too slow & not athletic enough to play without pace. So Maria go back to hitting the ball & do not toss the ball too high on your serve, it looks like you want to toss the ball to the sweet lord or whoever. You are losing to much rhythm. – Coach Robert


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