Sharapova’s Coach Choices #2

MARIA SHARAPOVA FIRES JIMMY CONNORS What a surprise ???? Not to me, but if you listened to the commentators on T.V. like Pam Shriver, Cahill, Patrick Mc Enroe & Fernandez, we are all so surprised. Give me a break. I told you it was a disaster to happen.  Any way, I think Maria should call her dad Yuri to help her out. She needs more than her dad right now, but it is a great start. I forgot who the guy was before Hogstedt, just know he did a lousy job and Maria got hurt a lot the next guy, Hogstedt, I think had her put more top spin on the ball. Crazy advice if he did, but that’s what it looked like. And then of course, the great Jimmy Connors.  Have no idea what he told Maria to do, BUT 63 unforced errors. You must be kidding me and about 30 backhands. Maria hardly ever misses backhands’ so no wonder Maria got rid of Jimbo. Maria call your dad, and have him come and help you. Just tell him to behave. I talk to Yuri all the time and he is a nice guy. You came to me because your dad wanted you to hit like Davenport. You DID, even better and you have to go back to that.  But do it soon, before it is too late. I don’t want you to lose confidence. – Robert


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