Making Champions

OMG, now it is the parents. It is NOT the parents. IT IS THE COACHING. Most coaches in this country don’t know much at all about coaching. They are just horrible. They know how to talk a great game and people believe them. You don’t know who is great and who is not. The USPTA is for quantity, not quality anymore. Anybody is a coach these days. If you can poke a ball over the net and get a basket of balls, you are a coach. If you can talk a great game you must be great. So many times the parents are smarter then the ” PRO ” and know more. IT is not the PARENTS. Another thing that is happening in this country is, that everybody has academies! Academies don’t create Champions. THEY  DON’T !!! But people don’t want to believe me. Every club in the US has academies and if the coach has one pretty good player he will start an “academy ” it is more money in his pocket. So the one on one has left this country. Name me one top 10 ner that has come out of the Chris Evert academy in the last 10 years. Name me one. Even top 30 player. I like Rick Macy, but who came out of his academy in the last 10 years.  And all these so, so, academies in clubs don’t develop players. If in the past the kids were in academies, it was always a family member running the show. They were in control. I am at fault a little. My rates have gone up to $200 an hour. Not outrageous, like some pro’s but too expensive for a lot a people. So, the one on one is disappearing. “Academies” are popping up all over the place and now comes the second problem. Everybody and I mean everybody is in hitting lots of topspin and hitting academy balls. High over the net with lots of topspin.  Then you look at the top pro’s and they are all hitting the hell out of the ball. Very hard, fairly low over the net, not much higher than 2 1/2 feet over the net, AND CONSISTENT. Consistent, because they have been doing it since they were young. This academy ball is a big problem in getting champions. Because of the academies, you are losing the one on one teaching and there goes the DICIPLINE. Now you are in real trouble. No discipline…. no champions. Also the attitude of people has changed, after the capriaty debacle. Let’s just go to college.  Nothing wrong with that, but no champion will develop with that attitude. And don’t bring up Isner. Probably 99% of the world class players hardly went to high school and never went to college. Combining the two does not work. Going to a hard private High School is the death in becoming a great  player, forget becoming a champion. On top of all this you have a bunch of money hungry people running the USTA junior “development” program. Nothing good will come out of the USTA junior development.  Just stealing players from other coaches and then messing them up and forgetting them.  What a great organization. There are hundreds and hundreds of very talented youngsters in this country, but they don’t get developed into champions. Making champions is an art and a gift. – Robert


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