Miniature Tennis

I am getting back at this miniature tennis for the 10s and under. Had a disagreement with one of the more well known coaches in Florida. He seems to think that this miniature tennis is fine. I think it is wrong for the very talented kids, 7 and older. Can you imagine Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Pete Sampras, Monica Selles, The William Sisters.. yeah the William sisters. Richard Williams would have gone nuts. Agassi, Agassi’s Dad would have challenged them by boxing them, Stephan Edberg, Rod Laver or the great Lew Hoad, man was he great, or my friend Pancho Segura. Forced to play miniature tennis. Let’s not forget Tracy Austin, Tracy was great at 7 on regular courts, Chris Evert, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Lindsay Davenport, and Nadal or Noah, champions, who were great and very competitive at the age of 6. And let me say again very competitive. Can you imagine John McEnroe being forced to play miniature tennis? He probably would have broken his baby racket in no time, and  would have been cursing baby talk. It’s great to have little 3,4,5 maybe 6 year olds involved. BUT THAT IS IT !! Patrick McEnroe would have done great in miniature tennis. I also feel that it is a money maker for some people, and that’s why it is getting pushed down the throats of these little ones. It is always the money. I sometimes hear that Hennin played miniature tennis, but never heard any details. Like when she was 4 for several months, or what? I hope pro’s will run their own tournaments for young ones, so the little ones can compete. You don’t need the U S T A. What are they going to do for any Junior younger than 14.  Sending them to Spain, to learn how to speak Spanish?? Nothing, but screw them up and then steel them from the pro who got them there. One of these days I will tell you what happened to Nick Saviano. Unreal !! – Robert


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