On Court Coaching


First of all, I think that it makes the women look like the WEAKER sex. The Men can do it on their own, they don’t need a “coach” to help them out. Secondly it does not help and most of us don’t speak Russian or any of those beautiful languages, so we don’t know what is going on anyway. I have never seen a player change after the coach came on the court. I know from experience that you can’t really change their mind.  This player asked me to be her coach for the match. She had worked with me for several years. I said “fine”. The match started and she was doing great. Everything was working, taking the ball early and hardly any errors and hitting the ball hard.  She wins the first set and she calls me on the court. I go to myself what the hell for, this is stupid, she is playing great. I go on the court and tell her “you are doing great, playing beautifully, taking the ball early. Great keep playing like this, just toss your ball a little higher on your serve” I go sit down and she plays one more great game and then goes south.  Can’t hit a ball and loses the second set. I get called on the court and I say ” What the hell happened, play like you played the first set. Now go out there and fight like hell, damn it.” I sit down, she plays one more bad game, and starts playing great and wins the 3rd set easy. Was I this great coach , I don’t think so. Wondered why Jimmy Connors did not get on the court?? Probably would not have helped.  Anyway, WTA don’t make the women look weaker than the men please. Wonder why Serena does it by herself?? Because she is one tough gal, and can do it on her own. Maria Sharapova, you always played better, when you played by instinct in stead of people telling how to play all the time. Go back to being disciplined and independent when you play your matches, and don’t have anybody come on your court in the future. – Robert


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