US Open 2013


First of all, I wish Mc Enroe and Carillo would not give us dumb information during the point. They all act like we are stupid and don’t know anything about the game. Navratilova and Evert are probably the worst. 99 % of people watching understand the basics of the game. You don’t have to explain everything we can see! Boris Becker is great at commentary. Hire him ESPN and CBS. Last year I was watching the US Open on those extra channels of ESPN. I was switching channels and all of a sudden I thought I had arrived in HEAVEN. I was watching a match and for some reason ESPN did not put any announcers on the match.  Oh, it was heaven. I could just enjoy the match, without having to turn down the sound. What a great idea ESPN. Of course when I switch channels I realized I was in  HELL again and either had to turn the sound down or listen to these people wanting to hear their own voice damn.

Most surprising match with the women I think was Georgi beating Wozniacki. Georgi playing like a top tenner and Wozniacki hittng balls where Georgi liked them. Never hit balls out of Georgi’s    hitting zone. Not a very smart match by Wozniacki. In the Men’s probably the Murray, Warwincki match. Murray looking like he just swam the English channel. What the hell happened. 

Most annoying to me besides what I mentioned earlier, was that they are always talking about the player being tight when they miss a shot. When the same player makes a great shot next they never correct themselves. May be the commentators  choked a lot when they were playing. Maybe Stosur choked, but she almost choked the whole match.

Now about the tennis. Men’s matches were better as a whole than Women’s matches. The women don’t know how to control the power and as a result make way to many errors. Watch some one like Li Na, I am not just knocking her, but she can play great tennis and the next day won’t be able to find the court. A lot of women play like that now, and I think they don’t know how to control the power. Unforced errors galore. Serena seems to be able to do it well, maybe because she has played with power all her life, but also got better. When Maria beat her at Wimbledon, her forehand was not what it is now. I think people can relate to womens tennis a little better, because they are not perfect and make bad errors. Men’s tennis has to watch out. The men are becoming too good, too perfect, and the tennis almost becomes boring. The points sometimes look like they are just rallying with each other. They are so fast and consistent. 

Of course there were unreal matches, especially the semis and finals. It was good to see young Americans do pretty well. Now we just have to see how they do after the Open usually they fall by the wayside. We have to see great 16 year old American girls playing in the main draw and great 17 year old boys to become exited about the future of great American players. As long as Patrick is in charge, I don’t think it will happen.

I like Nadal better than Federer and for this reason, Federer was great, but never improved. Federer’s coach  never made Federer’s backhand better than it was. He just kept it the same, just as his forehand and serve.. Nadal however under Toni, improved in many parts of his game.  Harder flatter forehand, harder backhand, better serve and better volleys. Federer was great but never got greater. Federer’s coach did not see the need for it, or did not know how to do it.. – Robert


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