American Tennis 2013

Dear Patrick Mc Enroe, It is obvious to just everybody that your system does not work and that your MINIATURE tennis is disliked by just every parent with a “talented” lets say 7 year old. But, I am writing about your program after MINIATURE tennis. Why don’t you stop what you are doing. Close these worthless tennis centers. Build tennis centers or use existing tennis centers, where kids can come and play matches. That is what most people are looking for, not to be “coached” Hire people to run these centers. Won’t cost you that much, because you don’t need that many people. Set up strict rules with discipline and let them play. Hire one or two “hitters” who will fit in to hit with kids if needed. NO coaching, just hitting and playing matches. If the kids coaches or parents want to come….. No problem, just don’t let them interfere AT ALL till they come off the court. NEXT !!! Have the coaches who produced the top juniors participate in the USTA program. Leave the junior with their coach and help the kid and the coach in getting the kid to become the next GREAT American player. The only purpose for you Patrick is to get American tennis back to the top. Let’s face it your reputation as a developer of Champions is screwed up anyway. Help the kid financially and help the coach financially to make the kid better. We have a great amount of talent in this country, but somehow they get lost, and you are a big part of the problem Patrick. BUT again, help the juniors and their coaches, with whatever means you have. Treat them like American kids and NOT USTA kids. Stop this idea that the only way you can help these kids is if they become USTA kids. You throw millions of dollars away, including to yourself, throw it to the coaches and kids who they have developed FOR YEARS. – Robert


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