Katherine Sebov

Katherine Sebov, one of my next future champions?!

I think she could do it. Still a lot of work ahead of us, but doing really well. Can’t wait to see her again after the Orange Bowl. She has a great start with her serve. Little by little more pace, but her motion is really nice. Looks a lot like Maria Sharapova when she was 15-16 years old. Kat is 14 almost 15. I want you to watch the motion.

First: Watch how her feet are slightly apart and she lifts up her toe.

Second: When she puts her toe down, she slides her right foot forward. Watch out that the right foot does not slide too far to the right, like Venus Williams.

Third: She turns her left heal towards the net which makes her lean her body more naturally. She could even turn her heal a little more.

Fourth: Her toss is more above her head and not too far in front. The toss is not too high, the way Maria tosses it now. Maria tosses the ball too high.

Fifth: Kat’s right elbow is up & not around her waist.

Sixth: She bends her knees nicely and is able too jump.

Seventh: Jump into the court with her left foot. She has to explode even more and further into the court, another 3 inches.

Eighth: I like the way she keeps her right leg in the air. Maria does it way too much, which makes Maria bend over too much and too early.

Ninth: When Kat comes down she does not bend over right away. She keeps her head up while hitting.

Tenth: She also lands a slight bit on the front toes of her left foot.


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