Baby Sitting Jobs?

Lets take a look at the new glorified BABY sitting jobs. Oh, so sorry new coaching jobs. Murray said that “Coaches don’t have that much influence, it is the players who hit the ball” And he is right. Lendl did help him by being physically better. But Murray has back problems and maybe Lendl overdid it. I don’t know for sure. We have to see how well Murray’s back will hold up ?? So, lets go with Maria Sharapova and Sven Groeneveld. Has to be great, after all he is Dutch. Just kidding, not all Dutch are great. Maria probably likes his accent. We have to wait and see. If he can straighten out her mind, and give her more power, more than Wosniacki, it could last more than one year. Maria is not easy to work with. Just ask Connors. He is still trying to get over it. Next… Bruegera and Gasquet. This could work. Gasquet has to be mentally tougher and Bruegera could help him with that part. BUT I don’t think it will help Gasquet’s ranking.. Chang and Nishikori, could work but I don’t think so. They almost play the same and Nishikori needs more power. The game has changed, since Chang played. Chang was a clay court player, who grew up on hard court. We will wait and see, it could work. Next…. Annacone and Sloan Stephens. NEXT. Annacone is just a very nice fella. Too nice, Stevens needs a good kick in the butt, and start playing up to her potential. She is too damn lazy, and Annacone is not going to change that. Paul is in a tough spot. He always worked with people, guys, who were already multiple Grand Slam winners. Now he has to show that he can get a female, who is a potential Grand Slam winner to become one. Lot of pressure Paul. Let’s see how you are going to do this. Good Luck. NEXT… Becker and Djoko??? No idea what happened there. Becker was a PURE serve and volley player. Never ever won any kind of clay court tournament. Never. Does Djoko want to learn how to serve and volley at this stage of his career? Don’t think so. Maybe come in more. His old coach probably tried that for many years, and Djoko said ” The hell with that ” And now we come to the strangest Duo. Edberg and Federer ????? Another pure serve and volley. Edberg was better on clay then Becker.. Don’t know what Federer is looking for. No IDEA. Maybe he also wants to come in more, like the old days. A little late for that Buddy. This will probably be Federer’s last year. You have four kids, man. You are a great guy, a great, great player, now be a great Dad, before they grow up. All these guy’s were GREAT players, and great individuals. I wish them all the best in 2014 and hope it works out great, especially for Edberg. – Robert


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