Traveling on Tour

What gives me the right to criticize the traveling coaches on the tour ?? Very simple. I was the first coach, who travelled with a player on the tour, who was NOT a family member on the WOMENS tour. Bergelin was traveling with Borg. Yes I was the first BABY sitter. I started traveling with Tracy Austin in the mid 70’s. Why?? I found that when Tracy would come back after like two weeks, that she was mentally better, but that her strokes had deteriorated technically. So I decided to start traveling with her to keep her fine tuned. Her Mother Jeanie had been traveling with Tracy and did a great job, and continued to travel. So again I was the FIRST glorified BABY sitter on the tour. I did it, I experienced it, I know you are there to give them a banana, have their rackets strung, get practice courts, find practice partners if you are not good enough to play, I was. Find out what time their matches are, and find out about their opponents, tell them what to do, to find out that they just do what they want to do, anyway. Oh, and then you sit in the box to give them support. B.S. Just gives them a reason to bitch and blame it on some one else. Have some fat blow up dolls, male or female, not always good looking, unless it was Safin’s box. Always great looking DOLLS. So, I did set the trent, about 40 years ago, so I know. – Robert


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