I read this article on Paul Fein’s Tennis and was a little taken back, to say the least. It was an article by a Mr. Sam Duvall, talking about his client Eugenie Bouchard. I agree Genie as he called her is a very attractive and cute girl and a pretty darn good tennis player. Eugenie should get rid of this agent as soon as she can. She does not need somebody like this in her camp. Silly if not stupid what Sam Duvall said. Comparing her to Maria Sharapova is dumb enough, but then to say that Genie will raise the bar?? What bar is he talking about? Lucky Lucies, with happy hour between 5 and 6. Mr. Duvall, maybe you forgot, Maria won Wimbledon, just a few months after turning SEVENTEEN. Genie Bouchard won JUNIOR Wimbledon at age 18. Maria got to the finals of Junior Wimbledon at age 14. Maria was No. 1 in the world at 18. And at 19 years of age she had TWO grand slams. Bouchard ranking is 19 in the world at the age of 20. I hope for Genies sake that she becomes no 1 in the world and wins grand slams. You, Mr. Duvall probably wont be around. Are you trying to fool the public with your dumb comments , or do you think companies are stupid enough to believe you. You just put so much unnecessary pressure on Genie with your comments. Genie get rid of SAM no SLAM. – Robert


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