The New Coaches Results or Lack of Results

Well, about three months have gone by, and lets see how these NEW coaching jobs are doing. I know it is still a little early and they all have to be given more time. For what I don’t know. Let’s first take Annacone and Sloan Stevens. What the heck happened there ??? I see Annacone with his glasses, looking like a professor on the Tennis Channel all the time. Don’t think he is coaching Stevens, but don’t know. What another Connor’s – Sharapova debacle ? Groeneveld and Maria. Let’s see what happens in the next few months. So far NOTHING. No change in her serving or backhand. Her backhand used to be the best shot on the tour, now it is mediocre. Looking for good improvements Sven. Or you could be history. Djoko and Becker. They showed so much of the “funny” man Becker on T V it became annoying. Never heard what he helped Djoko with, except he was so funny. Never knew Becker was so funny. Not a good result. Probably won’t last that long. Federer and Edberg???? Who knows what the hell is going on there. Federer is a class act and so is Edberg, but sometimes two class acts together will fail. Don’t see what Edberg can bring to the camp except lot’s of class. Stefan, keep him in the top ten or tell him to retire. Chang and Nishikori? Let me look in my crystal ball. Sorry can’t help you. Don’t see much difference yet, but that could be me. Same as Bruguera and Gasquet. Like to see more fight in Gasquet, but he is no Nadal, so good luck. So lets see what happens at the French. Some changes we will see for sure. Let’s call uncle Toni, fella’s and see if he is available. Don’t think so. – Robert


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