In Charge

I just read an letter from Wayne Bryan to Klein, Mc Enroe and Haggerty in response to an invitation he got from them, to come to a U S T A PD meeting in La Costa on March 12. He was sorry, he could not make it, because of prior commitments. Wayne mentions in his letter that Patrick Mc Enroe does not think the coaches in the U.S. are great and he has hired coaches from Spain. Is Mc Enroe serious or is he going over the deep end. What is wrong with this idiot. Now he can blame the Spaniards, when his program fails completely. There are many coaches in California and all over the U S who can do a better job than these Spanish coaches. All they know is Top Spin and more Top spin. It is really sad how Mc Enroe has gotten the power to do just whatever he wants to do. How is that possible. Who is his boss? How come people don’t speak out against this ugly, and insane behavior. He has had a Spaniard in charge of developing top juniors for 5 years now and NO results. Yes Higueras has not developed one player. Maybe Jose needed some buddy’s from Spain. All I know is something is really wrong here. – Robert


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