Indian Wells

I heard in Indian Wells that Patrick Mc Enroe only got an extention on his contract till the end of 2014, and he can try to extend it. If somebody knows the real scoop on this, please let me know, because we can go to work and have him change his attitude and get America back on track.

You see, he and his buddies don’t understand that kids development starts at six, seven , eight years old. With his Miniature tennis, he is going to lose a lot of gifted tennis players and minds. I am talking about the little ones. You are also going to lose them to Soccer, Baseball and many other sports, because they are far better organized than tournaments run by the U S T A.

Tournament directors just try to make money. Forget about running great tournaments. U S T A is not doing anything about it and not helping the tournament directors. And what is this making National tournaments a 32 draw. Make them bigger, let many people play. So what if the top seeds win easily, SO WHAT. Give as many as you can the experience. Maybe the US Open should make the draw smaller, like 64. I see the top players win first round matches very, very easy.

There are hundreds and hundreds of little ones with great attitudes and talent in this country. I am talking about 6, 7 and up kids. Find them and see how you can help the coaches to keep developing these future Champions. And not wait till they are 15 or 16.

Higueras is a great guy BUT he is not a developer. He is known for polishing players when they are already developed. He is great at that and he should be hired for that, not a junior Developer.

Also, change the way Junior Tennis tournaments are run. It is a sham now. There is NO SUPERVISION at all. Kids cheat, parents get involved and nobody does anything about it. Make the tournaments a fun experience for the kids, have them compete SUPERVISED !! Get the U S T A involved in a very positive way. They are probably losing a lot of little ones, because the tournaments are a BAD experience. TOO MUCH CHEATING ALLOWED, especially in the younger ages, and bad behavior is allowed. Have one Umpire for every TWO courts, and if it is a single separate court it should have a qualified and I mean qualified Umpire. When they are not competing SUPERVISED, make it a friendly enjoyable experience for the juniors as well as the parents. New people entering the junior tennis tournament scene are disgusted. AND IT IS ALL THE FAULT OF THE U S T A. Tennis in the US needs a complete overhaul, and not with Miniature tennis.

The ITF should be very concerned about the STRINGS the pro’s play with. Didn’t this guy Fishback have a different string job in the early 80’s I think and he was banned because of the strings he was using were creating too much spin? So what about Nadal and Federer. How come they can? -Robert


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