Coaches Come & Go

A while back I talked briefly about players and their new coaches. Lets start with Djoko and Boris boom boom Becker. Lost every time with Becker on his side. He has to get rid of Becker, but may a difficult thing to do. Like I said Becker grew up on the red clay, but never won any kind of clay court tournament. But lets give him past Wimbledon. Maybe Djoko will serve and volley and chip and charge. What do you think Boris. NO ??? Lets go to Paul Annacone and Sloan Stevens. When is he working with Sloan? He is ALWAYS doing T V. Good luck Sloan. Paul should stick with T V. He is pretty good at that and not much happening with Sloan. Lets go to Maria and Sven Groeneveld. Lets wait for the faster courts. It looks like Maria is serving better. Not pulling her head down too fast, but keeping her nose up in the air more. She should be good at that. Little stuck up. Want to see what she will do on the faster courts having the ball hit hard into her body to the forehand down the middle of the court. But he has done better than the other ones so far. Who else do we have ?? Oh of course Edberg and Federer. Who in the hell knows what is going on there. Hope you don’t become the Nanny, Stefan. Edberg should go home and take care of his yard, wife and kids in that order if he has all of them. If not Stefan, get them. You are still good looking. Don’t know what happened with Chang and Nishikori. Maybe Chang tried to get Nishikori legs like tree trunks like Chang had, Nishikori is more frail. Not the same Michael. But don’t really know what happened. OH and then Bruegera and Gasquet? No change, like I said would happen. So far I give myself an A plus. Go ahead and argue with me if you want. – Robert


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