Baby Sitting Jobs?

Lets take a look at the new glorified BABY sitting jobs. Oh, so sorry new coaching jobs. Murray said that “Coaches don’t have that much influence, it is the players who hit the ball” And he is right. Lendl did help him by being physically better. But Murray has back problems and maybe Lendl overdid it. I don’t know for sure. We have to see how well Murray’s back will hold up ?? So, lets go with Maria Sharapova and Sven Groeneveld. Has to be great, after all he is Dutch. Just kidding, not all Dutch are great. Maria probably likes his accent. We have to wait and see. If he can straighten out her mind, and give her more power, more than Wosniacki, it could last more than one year. Maria is not easy to work with. Just ask Connors. He is still trying to get over it. Next… Bruegera and Gasquet. This could work. Gasquet has to be mentally tougher and Bruegera could help him with that part. BUT I don’t think it will help Gasquet’s ranking.. Chang and Nishikori, could work but I don’t think so. They almost play the same and Nishikori needs more power. The game has changed, since Chang played. Chang was a clay court player, who grew up on hard court. We will wait and see, it could work. Next…. Annacone and Sloan Stephens. NEXT. Annacone is just a very nice fella. Too nice, Stevens needs a good kick in the butt, and start playing up to her potential. She is too damn lazy, and Annacone is not going to change that. Paul is in a tough spot. He always worked with people, guys, who were already multiple Grand Slam winners. Now he has to show that he can get a female, who is a potential Grand Slam winner to become one. Lot of pressure Paul. Let’s see how you are going to do this. Good Luck. NEXT… Becker and Djoko??? No idea what happened there. Becker was a PURE serve and volley player. Never ever won any kind of clay court tournament. Never. Does Djoko want to learn how to serve and volley at this stage of his career? Don’t think so. Maybe come in more. His old coach probably tried that for many years, and Djoko said ” The hell with that ” And now we come to the strangest Duo. Edberg and Federer ????? Another pure serve and volley. Edberg was better on clay then Becker.. Don’t know what Federer is looking for. No IDEA. Maybe he also wants to come in more, like the old days. A little late for that Buddy. This will probably be Federer’s last year. You have four kids, man. You are a great guy, a great, great player, now be a great Dad, before they grow up. All these guy’s were GREAT players, and great individuals. I wish them all the best in 2014 and hope it works out great, especially for Edberg. – Robert


Katherine Sebov

Katherine Sebov, one of my next future champions?!

I think she could do it. Still a lot of work ahead of us, but doing really well. Can’t wait to see her again after the Orange Bowl. She has a great start with her serve. Little by little more pace, but her motion is really nice. Looks a lot like Maria Sharapova when she was 15-16 years old. Kat is 14 almost 15. I want you to watch the motion.

First: Watch how her feet are slightly apart and she lifts up her toe.

Second: When she puts her toe down, she slides her right foot forward. Watch out that the right foot does not slide too far to the right, like Venus Williams.

Third: She turns her left heal towards the net which makes her lean her body more naturally. She could even turn her heal a little more.

Fourth: Her toss is more above her head and not too far in front. The toss is not too high, the way Maria tosses it now. Maria tosses the ball too high.

Fifth: Kat’s right elbow is up & not around her waist.

Sixth: She bends her knees nicely and is able too jump.

Seventh: Jump into the court with her left foot. She has to explode even more and further into the court, another 3 inches.

Eighth: I like the way she keeps her right leg in the air. Maria does it way too much, which makes Maria bend over too much and too early.

Ninth: When Kat comes down she does not bend over right away. She keeps her head up while hitting.

Tenth: She also lands a slight bit on the front toes of her left foot.



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American Tennis 2013

Dear Patrick Mc Enroe, It is obvious to just everybody that your system does not work and that your MINIATURE tennis is disliked by just every parent with a “talented” lets say 7 year old. But, I am writing about your program after MINIATURE tennis. Why don’t you stop what you are doing. Close these worthless tennis centers. Build tennis centers or use existing tennis centers, where kids can come and play matches. That is what most people are looking for, not to be “coached” Hire people to run these centers. Won’t cost you that much, because you don’t need that many people. Set up strict rules with discipline and let them play. Hire one or two “hitters” who will fit in to hit with kids if needed. NO coaching, just hitting and playing matches. If the kids coaches or parents want to come….. No problem, just don’t let them interfere AT ALL till they come off the court. NEXT !!! Have the coaches who produced the top juniors participate in the USTA program. Leave the junior with their coach and help the kid and the coach in getting the kid to become the next GREAT American player. The only purpose for you Patrick is to get American tennis back to the top. Let’s face it your reputation as a developer of Champions is screwed up anyway. Help the kid financially and help the coach financially to make the kid better. We have a great amount of talent in this country, but somehow they get lost, and you are a big part of the problem Patrick. BUT again, help the juniors and their coaches, with whatever means you have. Treat them like American kids and NOT USTA kids. Stop this idea that the only way you can help these kids is if they become USTA kids. You throw millions of dollars away, including to yourself, throw it to the coaches and kids who they have developed FOR YEARS. – Robert

Dear Mr. P Mc Enroe

I am happy that my career started a long time ago. And my last Champion was Maria Sharapova, a Russian who had nothing to do with the USTA. I think they were trying to make her an American so the USTA could claim her, but it did not work out. Maria was or is too proud to be a Russian and good for her. The USTA 20 years ago was not as blatant and desperate for a Champions as Patrick Mc Enroe. In my early days the USTA was not into stealing players from private coaches, like Mc Enroe is. This has to stop because coaches in this country will rather work with non Americans or won’t give their heart and soul to the student, because they know that when the kid is 15 or 16 and shows great promise, the USTA will come and convince the parents to go with the USTA, instead of involving the private coach in continuing to work with his or her student. Can’t you see that Patrick? What is wrong with you??? Very attractive to the parents, because the USTA will fit the bill for everything, plus give tons of wild cards. Hopefully parents will realize that wild cards are not going to make their kids CHAMPIONS.

Take my word. It does not work. I heard that the USTA is not alone into this taking students from private coaches. I think England is doing it and I think so is Australia. Yes Australia. England we can understand, because they don’t know what the hell they are doing, and are very desperate. But Australia? France I think has a different system. If a Frenchman reads this, maybe he can explain to me what they are doing. In all my years of coaching, the USTA has never send me a student, never. Canada is sending me several young juniors. Some are just great and I am just dying to prove to the USTA that at the time Mc Enroe’s stint is up, these Canadian kids will show what a real CHAMPION is. Patrick I will do anything to prove my point. – Robert

US Open 2013


First of all, I wish Mc Enroe and Carillo would not give us dumb information during the point. They all act like we are stupid and don’t know anything about the game. Navratilova and Evert are probably the worst. 99 % of people watching understand the basics of the game. You don’t have to explain everything we can see! Boris Becker is great at commentary. Hire him ESPN and CBS. Last year I was watching the US Open on those extra channels of ESPN. I was switching channels and all of a sudden I thought I had arrived in HEAVEN. I was watching a match and for some reason ESPN did not put any announcers on the match.  Oh, it was heaven. I could just enjoy the match, without having to turn down the sound. What a great idea ESPN. Of course when I switch channels I realized I was in  HELL again and either had to turn the sound down or listen to these people wanting to hear their own voice damn.

Most surprising match with the women I think was Georgi beating Wozniacki. Georgi playing like a top tenner and Wozniacki hittng balls where Georgi liked them. Never hit balls out of Georgi’s    hitting zone. Not a very smart match by Wozniacki. In the Men’s probably the Murray, Warwincki match. Murray looking like he just swam the English channel. What the hell happened. 

Most annoying to me besides what I mentioned earlier, was that they are always talking about the player being tight when they miss a shot. When the same player makes a great shot next they never correct themselves. May be the commentators  choked a lot when they were playing. Maybe Stosur choked, but she almost choked the whole match.

Now about the tennis. Men’s matches were better as a whole than Women’s matches. The women don’t know how to control the power and as a result make way to many errors. Watch some one like Li Na, I am not just knocking her, but she can play great tennis and the next day won’t be able to find the court. A lot of women play like that now, and I think they don’t know how to control the power. Unforced errors galore. Serena seems to be able to do it well, maybe because she has played with power all her life, but also got better. When Maria beat her at Wimbledon, her forehand was not what it is now. I think people can relate to womens tennis a little better, because they are not perfect and make bad errors. Men’s tennis has to watch out. The men are becoming too good, too perfect, and the tennis almost becomes boring. The points sometimes look like they are just rallying with each other. They are so fast and consistent. 

Of course there were unreal matches, especially the semis and finals. It was good to see young Americans do pretty well. Now we just have to see how they do after the Open usually they fall by the wayside. We have to see great 16 year old American girls playing in the main draw and great 17 year old boys to become exited about the future of great American players. As long as Patrick is in charge, I don’t think it will happen.

I like Nadal better than Federer and for this reason, Federer was great, but never improved. Federer’s coach  never made Federer’s backhand better than it was. He just kept it the same, just as his forehand and serve.. Nadal however under Toni, improved in many parts of his game.  Harder flatter forehand, harder backhand, better serve and better volleys. Federer was great but never got greater. Federer’s coach did not see the need for it, or did not know how to do it.. – Robert

On Court Coaching


First of all, I think that it makes the women look like the WEAKER sex. The Men can do it on their own, they don’t need a “coach” to help them out. Secondly it does not help and most of us don’t speak Russian or any of those beautiful languages, so we don’t know what is going on anyway. I have never seen a player change after the coach came on the court. I know from experience that you can’t really change their mind.  This player asked me to be her coach for the match. She had worked with me for several years. I said “fine”. The match started and she was doing great. Everything was working, taking the ball early and hardly any errors and hitting the ball hard.  She wins the first set and she calls me on the court. I go to myself what the hell for, this is stupid, she is playing great. I go on the court and tell her “you are doing great, playing beautifully, taking the ball early. Great keep playing like this, just toss your ball a little higher on your serve” I go sit down and she plays one more great game and then goes south.  Can’t hit a ball and loses the second set. I get called on the court and I say ” What the hell happened, play like you played the first set. Now go out there and fight like hell, damn it.” I sit down, she plays one more bad game, and starts playing great and wins the 3rd set easy. Was I this great coach , I don’t think so. Wondered why Jimmy Connors did not get on the court?? Probably would not have helped.  Anyway, WTA don’t make the women look weaker than the men please. Wonder why Serena does it by herself?? Because she is one tough gal, and can do it on her own. Maria Sharapova, you always played better, when you played by instinct in stead of people telling how to play all the time. Go back to being disciplined and independent when you play your matches, and don’t have anybody come on your court in the future. – Robert